I've recently taken an immense interest in hand-binding various papers into neat books. My main projects so far have been a series of volumes of childhood artwork. I took some saved work from middle school and bound it into one book.  I've also bound my own sketchbook and numerous other smaller projects. 
If you would like to have any papers bound into a book, ​ contact me with the number of pages, approximate dimensions, any style specifications, and location.I will respond with any other questions I have and further contact info for shipping or delivering pages. I use entirely acid-free, archival glues and materials.
If you live outside the Portland area you may need to ship the pages to me. You do not need to send any materials such as cover boards, cover papers, endpapers, or decorative pieces unless you would like to. I will buy my own materials according to your specifications, which is covered by the cost of the project. 
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The Process
Any collection of papers can be bound into a neat and manageable book, easy to store on a shelf and access quickly. I use high-quality papers and boards, as well as completely acid-free archival glues. 
Everyone has old papers lying around somewhere. Screenplays, kids' artwork, essays, portfolios- disorganized papers can take up a lot of space and are difficult to store accessibly.