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This commissioned piece showcases some elements from the book Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal. Ghost Talkers follows Ginger, a medium working with the specialized Spirit Corps during World War I. Read about the book and animation process at ​ .
Ghost Talkers Trailer
Commissioned Advertisement
My most elaborate animation, The Summer Dragons took a full year to produce completely. It follows the story of a child who discovers the secret world in her backyard, and how it in turn shows her wonders she's never before dreamed of. Showcased in more than 10 film festivals.
The Summer Dragons
The Blue Gecko is a project I completed over winter break last year, which won Best Student Animated Film at the 2014 San Luis Obispo Intl. Film Festival. It follows a gecko living in the Amazon Rain Forest as it chases a butterfly through the fantastical treetops. 
The Blue Gecko
Maloy's Jewelry Workshop
This is a commissioned advertisement for Maloy's Jewelry Workshop in Portland. A section of this ran on OPB for a few weeks a few years ago.
Commissioned Advertisement
Bingo's Fantastic Journey
Another complex project I completed in 2012, when I was just 12 years old. Bingo's Fantastic Journey is about my cat Bingo and how he spends his time outside the house. 

Sadly Bingo passed away January 2016. Let this film be a testament to his legacy of exploration and laziness.

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Kelso's Choices: The Movie
A short film made for school demonstrating the Kelso's Choices Method used in elementary schools for settling disputes.
A Brief History of Galvanism
Another school-made project outlining the history of galvanic electricity and its uses.
Frog Chase
My first serious animation project, made in the summer of sixth grade.
Mom's Birthday Movie 
A short animation done for my mom, recreating a childhood story.
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