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My name is Rebecca Celsi, and I am a student studying Mechanical Engineering at UCLA. 

I have a passion for art, illustration, graphic design, animation, and 3D sculpture. This website is a showcase of some of my projects. Most art and illustration is from high school or earlier, while my more recent projects are generally found under Sculpture. 

I am from Portland, Oregon but am currently a full-time student living in Los Angeles. 
  1. Dragon Head
  2. India Ink Artwork
  3. Screenshot from The Summer Dragons
  4. Bat Portrait
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24 Hour Comic Documentary Premiere

July 5, 2017

Milan Erceg's feature documentary, 24 Hour Comic, premiered at the Laurelhurst theater in Portland on Thursday, July 7th. It is now available on many streaming platforms including iTunes, Amazon Video, Youtube, Vudu, and Google Play. 

As you may know, this film features myself and my dad David Chelsea, both of us comics creators, though he has just a few more years of experience under his belt. (About 35.) 

Be sure to check out the film and recommend it to anyone who is interested in comics, art, Portland, or really anything else. It's a really cool movie. Just trust me. 

Official website for the film:​​​​​   http://www.24hourcomicmovie.com

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Jazz Concert (and poster!)

February 19, 2017

The annual Sweet Sound of Jazz concert is fast approaching, and I once again designed the poster for the event. Come on February 24 to the Grant High School Old Gym for a fabulous fund-raising event and some great music. 

I wanted to share the poster here beause it turned out especially good and i am quite proud of it. I made the instrument shapes 'from scratch' illustrating them by hand in illustrator. Overall a nice balance of colors and a good composition.
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24 Teachers
The Life of Leaf

Last year's poster

Last year's poster

24 Hour Comics!

October 12, 2016

I finished my SECOND 24 Hour Comic event on October 1st and it is now posted here in its entirety!

In 24 Teachers, I recount every teacher I've had my entire school career- from kindergarten until 10th grade. Learn every curious quirk, personality trait, and poignant memory from ten years in the imperfect PPS School System. Everything is my real experience.

While my teachers' likenesses are represented here, I have changed their names for privacy's sake.

I am also posting my FIRST 24 Hour Comic, The Life of Leaf. This comic follows the adventures of Leaf, a precocious squirrel who sets out to follow his dreams, find his place, and encounter love.
24 Teachers
The Life of Leaf
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Finished Book Trailer!

September 17, 2016

My latest animation project, a book trailer for ​Ghost Talkers by my friend Mary Robinette Kowal, has been released! Ghost Talkers follows Ginger, a medium working with the specialized Spirit Corps during an alternate-history World War I. You can watch the trailer, read about the book, and see all kinds of making-of goodies hosted at

Read about Mary's work or purchase Ghost Talkers at her website:
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